Saturday, February 18, 2012


Baby Bear started crawling a couple days ago and is so unlike her brother, Little Bear, who was (is) an independent cruiser no longer in need of a ride on mamas hip. Not Baby Bear, she is still as clingy as ever. She will go about 10 ft away but if she even for one second suspects that I may be sneaking she will start to moan to make her frustrations known, if she is not picked up and swung onto my hip within a matter of seconds she will escalate those moans to full on screams and I am stuck with my dearest little leech for the next few hours. She is at this very second sitting on my lap showing her displeasure that I am more focused on the laptop then on her.
Fast forward an hour she has an empty bag of chocolate balls (I ate them in a hurry) and is a happy camper. Sometimes we need to resort to any measures to keep these little beasts entertained.
I did manage to capture some of her crawling on film while she wasn't clinging, at the end of that film I watched through my camera lens my poor baby rolling off the couch. Yes, that's right! I filmed my daughters first owie and she has a lovely purple bruise on her forehead. SO If it means you will never be hurt then please, by all means, cling away Baby Bear, cling away!

I have a cold that our darling Red brought home from daycare and I am finding it hard to concentrate on this shiny screen with my glaring headache and sinus infection..just one example of the UNprettiness, I'll be back with something a little more blog worthy another day. Thanks for listening to me whine, perhaps I'll make you laugh tomorrow!

ttfn <3

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