Friday, February 17, 2012

Family Introduction

Welcome to This Pretty Life. Before I begin blogging I think you deserve an introduction to our family, let's begin with me.

I am mama bear, the writer behind this blog. I am fierce as my name implies and will readily destroy for my babies. I enjoy writing although I must admit I have fallen out of it with the busy day to day life that being a mother requires. I come by obsessions easily, right now I am in love with cloth diapers (well duh, have you seen how cute they are?) I try to stick to buying WAHM made (I would make this stuff myself but I, uh, suck) and I love finding new crafts to do with my exuberant son. Seeing a pattern? Everything I enjoy has to do with my kids, my kids, my kids...because I enjoy them. (You will too trust me, they're kinda awesome) Enough about me, let's move on shall we?

Little Bear: My energetic, over the top, loud, loud, loud Son. He was my first born baby (although Red is about 2 months older but I'll explain that whole sitch in a bit.) Little bear will be 4 years old in about 2 weeks and he is the typical boy, loves cars and..well.. cars! He is a very affectionate kid and so funny, he comes up with these hilarious things to say which I will be blogging when they come up. This kid is a star, he was born to be the center of attention and he definitely earns it with his outgoing attitude. Needless to say he is my favorite..KIDDING! He is just exactly like me, my mini me in boy form and the entire reason that I am the mother I am. Next.....

Red! My step-son so named for the hair on his head. He is The Mans son from a previous relationship and 2 months older than my little bear (who is also from a previous relationship fyi) He just turned 4 but has the attitude of a 16 year old. Our Red is very smart and has an insanely large vocabulary for such a young kid. We currently have joint custody and get him 3 days a week. The boys miss each other terribly when they are apart, they are brothers to the bone. (I always tell people we have twins, they just don't share DNA) I love him as much as my own son (hence the whole "mother of 3" bit) But MAN IS IT HARD raising a kid that lives in another home for half the week. We may or may not delve into that in a blog post or two but don't hold your breathe, I prefer to focus on what happens inside my home, not out of it....Moving On.....

Baby Bear, my daughter that I waited so long for is finally here. 9 months old as I write this and growing too fast already. She just started crawling yesterday (we're screwed) She is a bossy little Diva and demands things be done her way, she waves her hands and orders us about with her baahbahhdaahtaaaahhsss and lord help us if we don't jump when she starts grunting to be picked up we are met with a loud shriek and a red face. She is breastfed and cloth diapered (hippies love me) and she is essentially the reason behind starting this blog since I am too scared to leave the house with all these children in tow (Kidding again, sometimes I go out in the yard (omg people I'm still kidding, I take them to the store too, or the park, or all the other annoyingly child related places I can think of)) She is the exact opposite of little bear. Where he was a relaxed, chill baby, she is a needy snuggle cuddler and has to be held All.The.Time!! Not that I'm complaining, I love the attachment but it is damn hard to do the dishes and the laundry and the sweeping and mopping with one hand. My left arm feels like it's about to fall off (and honestly typing doesn't help much either but a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do) ...

The Man. My husband to be and the man of the house, he brings home the bacon and allows us to live in semi poverty so I can stay where I the kitchen! Another joke, oooh I'm full of em. I am a Stay At Home Mom and it is all because of the generosity of this amazing person who loves me for god knows what reasons. (it's certainly not because of my ass) He is a car fanatic and we usually have anywhere from 3 to 6 cars in our driveway for him to fix up and sell, he gets them handed to him for practically free and sells them for thousands sometimes, I swear he has a horseshoe up his ___ (figure it out) Anyway that is my man in a nutshell, Cars and Me...oh and kids, he loves kids (our kids in particular (I hope)).

So there you have it, all the players in This Pretty Life. Stop by from time to time and say hi, leave us a comment and subscribe. I promise to try and be mildly entertaining if you can reciprocate.

Tell me about your family. Are you blended too? Single parent family? Let me know, and link your blogs in the comments..follow mine and I'll follow yours ;)


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