Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Scrinchables Review #1

For my first ever review I am very excited to tell you all about Scrinchables. This Wahm makes and sells a variety of  "crunchy" products for both mom and baby, and I will do a series of reviews over time for each product she offers. The one I would like to start with is the 'Scrinchable' itself....."ookkaay?" You might be thinking. "What on earth IS a Scrinchable?" Well friend, it is a giraffe, an elephant, a monster, a dinosaur, a car,  a turtle and an owl. These are The Most adorable squishy things and a must have for your baby. They are not just stuffed animals. In the feet, ears, nose..(or whatever depending on which scrinchable you choose) they have a scrinchy material (hence the name) which babies love. They have taggies for wee fingers to explore and are made with a variety of textured materials. The best part about these? they are almost all one of a kind items and she even offers customs. I absolutely love that baby bear has a cuddly stuffy I know was made with care and that I was able to hand pick the colors and materials it was made with. 
Interested in a couple for yourself? (er, I mean your baby of course.) 
check out the Facebook page here ---->>  Scrinchables <<----

My (I mean Baby Bears) Elephant and Giraffe, These are the minky sides. You can see the cool little taggies and the "scrinch" is in the elephants ear as well as the giraffes feet.

I believe these sides are both cotton. Are those not the most beautiful prints? I adore the damask and the leaf print and was lucky to score them before someone else scooped them up. These are my little girls favorite stuffies. She knows quality when she sees/snuggles it. :)

If you love buying local and wahm made than this is the shop for you...plus how can you resist that much CUTE? ..still debating? stay tuned for my next Scrinchables review, I'm pretty sure I own at least one of everything she has to offer. 

Until next time friends..shop local and keep smiling.

p.s. If you are already lucky enough to own a Scrinchable or two, post a pic below and tell us why you love it. ...also if you're new scroll back to the first post for the Family Introduction. 
ttfn <3

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